Shoe Botting

Getting the newest most desirable shoes is not an easy task. Users with bots are using thousands of unique IPs to hide their identities and get as many pairs of shoes or clothing as possible. All bots allow for the use of Residential proxies, and each proxy is another chance to acquire the item you want!

Our proxy generator allows you to generate thousands of IPs, and when only paying for data, you can run as many tasks as you’d like. For sites like Footlocker, Champs, Eastbay, Shopify and many others, Residential Proxies are the best way to bypass bot protection.


Every home in the world has an IP Address. Your IP address is a unique identifier of who you are on the internet. Attackers can easily target your home network if they have your address, so you should preserve your anonymity at all costs. Hiding your IP address is the simplest form of security on the web.

Market Research

Scraping thousands of pages for market research can provide tremendous value to your business. The largest hurdle is ensuring that your web-scrapers will not be blocked by the sites you’re extracting data from. Without a proxy, you could only scrape a handful of pages before a site detects your bot.

With a residential proxy network, and rotating IPs, you can make thousands of requests without being detected, rate-limited, or even banned from the site. Using a residential proxy pool is the ultimate way to scale your market research and data aggregation needs.


SEO monitoring through web scraping is valuable to corporations, whether they are digital marketers or a brick and mortar store, the ability to extract data is essential to doing business. With Proxies you can scale up your web-scrapers to monitor the competition, do keyword research and performance analysis on your site.

Using proxies to change your geolocation can offer valuable insight as to how well your SEO performs on the global stage. Using this valuable geolocation information, you can further optimize your SEO strategy to beat out the competition.