Residential Proxies

Residential Proxies leverage existing device IPs on the world wide web, all device IPs are ethically sourced and constantly monitored for down time. Through our Residential Proxy API IPs can be rotated through a pool of IPs or static to a single IP. Using rotating proxies has the lowest level of detectability against bot protection mechanisms.

You pay per GB and only for the data you use on a monthly basis. Your data plan can be canceled and reinstated once your limit has been reached. You can easily top off your data through the dashboard. Duck Proxies offer discounted rates when you buy in larger amounts. If you’re an enterprise customer or a consumer looking to buy in bulk, please contact our sales team for special pricing.

Why Duck Proxies

Duck proxies have a massive IP Pool covering many popular regions. Users can generate proxies from the United States, Canada, Finland, Israel, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, Taiwan, Thailand, and many other countries.

These IPs can be used on many popular sites and tools, like, Reddit, Etsy, Ticketmaster, Pinterest, Firefox, and Chrome(extensions/add ons) Instagram, Amazon, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, eBay, Craigslist, Shopify Nike, Supreme, Yeezy, FootLocker, Southwest, and many other sites!

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